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Have you tried NRd EJuice? If not why not? Now is the time to try some amazing flavors!

Darth Vapor is one of my all time favorites but as you all know I am a huge Blueberry fan and Blueberry Snob and this blueberry flavor is epic!  The description for it: The perfect ratio of freshly picked blue berries and delicate sweet cream. The ruler of all the Galaxy and most powerful around. Vape the force.

It is true to it’s name and you will not be disappointed with this flavor at all!

Vapor Saiyan

A delicious fruity blend with hints of peach and nectarine, powerful enough to turn the blackest hair gold. It’s over 9000!!!


A dark and mysterious brew with prominent notes of pomegranate. A sure fire way to disguise yourself as another, or a cat.

A muggle born production.

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Call Of Fruity

Get ready to suit up and 1v1 vape the most action packed juice of all. Filled with a delicious mixture of strawberries and watermelon, you’ll be sure to use this as your vape of choice while bleeding out in last stand.

This flavor is the perfect, I cannot say just one strawberry because the flavor is an amazing taste of several types of strawberries and not that fake strawberry you get with a lot of e-liquids, this is the perfect blend of strawberries and an amazing watermelon balance!


A small & cuddly, yet electrifying vape mix of classic berry crunch cereal. An exciting mixture to ensure you that size and looks, don’t always matter. A high VG mixture sure to send Team Rocket blasting off again!

This is another one that you should not be fooled by the description, this is not a basic cereal type like most out there. This is in a category of its own! There is a perfect balance again here with the berries to crunch ratio. I would suggest grabbing the biggest bottle as you will probably be upset when you blast through an entire 30ml and realize you should have gotten a bigger bottle.

This is not an affiliate post, I do not get commission from this, I wanted to share a flavor company with you that I LOVE!!!! There is nothing better than spreading the vape love around.  you do not want to miss out on any of these flavors.

My ranking based on my taste preference and everyone has a different taste preference so you may rank it differently but not by much!

My number 1 spot from them goes to… drum roll

Darth Vapor. This Blueberry is just incredible.

Number 2……

Call Of Fruity

Number 3…

Pika-Juice comes in a close tie for number 2 here. if I could put them both as number 2 I would here! They are both equally amazing and unique.

number 4…..


and last but not least

Vapor Saiyan

Peach just never was one of my favorites in vaping. I am not a peach fan, if you like peach this can quickly become your number 1 all day vape. What I do love about this is that the peach is not hard core in your face and it does not taste like a fake peach like all so many do, this tastes like it reads, a hint of peach but a fresh peach to me, the nectarine flavor balances this juice so well I cannot believe I did not think of making this before.

Here is the kicker!

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Spread the vape love! You will love me for introducing you to this amazing line of e-liquids!


Only available in certain Brick and Mortar locations at the moment but you can call in to order from the shops who carry it!

Vendor? Looking for a new line? Contact NRDEJUICE direct and get set up on a wholesale account quick! Once word gets out about how amazing these flavors are I know it will flood the market, Don’t be the last ones waiting to order, get in on it asap!

Check out their epic commercial below and Level Up vaping Nrd Ejuice!!!

Kick ass names and kick ass flavors!!!!