FTG e-Liquid Blowout Sale USA MADE!!!


Pricing; all free shipping, 30 ml glass bottles, water proof labels, professionally done and perfectly blended!

per bottle $22.00

4 bottles for $55.00

11 bottles for only $120.00 << best Steal!!! That’s only $10.90 per bottle!!! what???? Ordering 4 of these now……

All 30ml glass bottles.

Only avalible by calling in to order or ordering via the shops facebook for the moment for this big of a sale!!!
Sun Vapers INC
Okay so I did it, I made the splurge and well worth it. I got every single flavor FTG has to see what the hype was all about. IT IS NOT HYPE!!!! This is amazing e-liquid! So I do not normally do blog posts for e-liquid but this just had to be done, I do not want anyone to miss this! Even more I called and got the owner on the phone and told them I do a blog and I want to promote it and please hook it up with a deal for my followers to get to try it. They were a bit hesitant but I got them to break! haha I always do. So you are seeing FTG for the first time here or you already know about it and looking for a deal? Well I have you covered….

To get the pricing down for a deal, and this is a steal for this liquid and I would just opt for the 4 shot deal, but that is me and you are you, but do not miss out because this deal will not last!

Click the FTG menu above and it will take you to the owners Facebook page with their number to order! This cuts processing fees and website fees and yadda yadda who cares? Get a call in and get your order in and thank me and scream at me for introducing this line to you because you will not stop ordering it!

Click here for the phone number to order

Here are the deals but you must say, I seen this on Strick Nyne’s blog to get the deal or they will have no deal!

4 banger= 4 30ml bottles, your pick of any of the flavors only $55 shipped and hella quick shipping!

Per bottle I got it to $22.00 per bottle shipped, So free shipping both ways but the 4 banger is the way to go.

The super deal, the owner will do this for a limited time only! Buy all 11 flavors in one order and it is $20 per bottle and free shipping.

*****UPDATE**** order all 11 bottles this week and get them shipped free and total price is only $120.00 for all 11!!!!!!!!!

That is $10.90 a bottle, order all 11 asap!!!!

If you are a vendor, shop, distributor, re-seller etc, contact the owner, mention this blog post and Strick Nyne for special discounting to get this in your stores!

FTG Website Under new construction <<<<Click there

You can skip the links and call right away to order at (910)815-1010

Re-sellers, Shops, distributors call 910)815-1010 and ask for Renee Carter for the deal and mention the blog and Strick Nyne for better deals for you to carry this. I get ZERO kick backs from this, this is because I just fell in love with some amazing liquid and want to get the word out and honestly wanted to get discounted pricing so I could order more myself. So enjoy the deal and I will be getting another order in as I type this out, lol!

FTG order

Depicted above is my order of all 11 bottles, made in a certified clean room, I could not get them all in one shot lol.

Make sure to subscribe, I will have some reviews on this liquid up soon, right now I love them all. I will be giving you a better description on the flavors because they are so much more than what the menu says!
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