Cut The Cable With DragonBox!

I just landed one today and got it setup in about 10 minutes. I’ve used fire sticks, many Android boxes, builds for Kodi that kept going to dead links and loads of buffering. I was a bit skeptical with the Dragon Box thinking nice name but I’m not too sure about the price tag. That said, I dove right in.

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I talked with the owner and he talked about how easy it was to use for the non tech-savvy. Grabbed my box and rushed home. This thing is literally plug and play. Plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi or direct ethernet then to your TV and you’re on every channel from the US to Worldwide! Every channel at my fingertips. I didn’t stop there. I wanted to see if I could lag the box or push it too hard. I side loaded some Android games that require a good processor and ram to even attempt to run it. The Dragon Box booted my game right up. I figured, “just luck,  a new box”, so I ran 4 games at once switching between to overload it, make it over heat, anything to make it crash. I couldn’t get it to crash or lag. So I decided to go even further risking my new box. I side loaded a multi window app and ran 4k HD while playing Fallout Shelter below it. ZERO LAG! ZERO! WOW!

I went ahead and loaded mobdro for some live streaming to see if it could put out at least 780 p. The box rendered it up to 4k HD!

The best way to compare the Dragon Box is to set it next to a Nvidia Shield box, surely the Nvidia Shield is going to blow away this box because Nvidia is the top of the line $800 box, if you’re lucky. I was able to obtain the same if not better results from the Dragon Box that comes preloaded with the best Kodi build of 2017 and surely of 2018.

Need support? Support is 100% free in the Facebook group and there are over 10,000 members on to help, including the maker, owner, resellers, and app developers. With a 1 year manufacturer warranty this thing is a beast! Premium content and it is all free, you just have to buy the box. It is constantly updated, 4 updates have been pushed to the box at the time of writing this! You can also customize it easily and for those who are tech-savvy, there are a ton of options for doing whatever you want within the box, it’s not locked so you have complete freedom to play inside. Don’t worry less tech-savvy friends, unless you throw this box in the rain, you’re not going to go in and break it.

**Disclosure ** I am not being paid for this review, this is a legitimate review and I will be getting another box. They are selling fast so get with John and let him know you seen the review here and tell him you want the Dragon Box!

Mention you read the review here for a discount on the MSRP of the box, only given to reviewers. I’ll be taking advantage of that discount on my next box! Get one now!



Comes with remote however you can add an android remote/keyboard for easier game play!

Dragon Box Specifications
  • Android 5.1 Supports Google browser, Flash10.2 and HTML5.
  • All new aluminum housing and low-noise for cooling.
  • USB2.0 Host (4 Ports).
  • 1080P & 4K support Full HD Video. (DB4, DB5)
  • EMMC Storage For Internal and External Applications.
  • Music Player, Picture viewer, Game player, and more.
  • Built-in Dual Band Ac WiFi Antenna. (DB5 AC Wi-fi)
  • USB Ports For Mouse/Keyboard/2.4G QWERTY remote
  • 1.4 & AV output and component (YPbPr) outputs.
  • Skype/MSN/QQ
  • Android Video: YouTube
  • Multilingual GUI Supported
  • Ergonomically designed remote control.
  • MCU power on/off by remote control.

Website being updated at

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