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Sponsor Transparency Statement

In accordance with the FTC regulations.

VapeOddities.com is an electronic cigarette merchant. We are a blog for information and e-liquid sales only.

VapeOddities does NOT charge vendors to be on our page. Any coupon codes we offer ARE NOT affiliate codes. We do not endorse any products or vendors, unless specified. Rather then list each individual sponsor – readers should assume that VapeOddities.com gets a small commission from any sales generated from this blog.

What Affiliate Links Are…

Affiliate links keep track of the referring page a visitor came from. Some of VapeOddities links let a supplier know that you came from us. A tiny commission (pennies) may be paid to the referrer.

What Affiliate Links Are Not…

Displaying an affiliate link does not mean that we are formally partnered with any vendor or supplier. It does not mean that any vendor or supplier receives preference when we choose the deals we bring you. Most importantly, it is utterly transparent to the end consumer in that there is absolutely no difference in cost. You’ll pay the exact same, regardless of how you arrived at the site.

Why Does Vape Oddities Use Affiliate Links?

There are financial realities associated with keeping a valuable informational blog like this in existence. While we’re passionate about vaping deals and sharing them, there are costs for servers, hosting, connections and time that must be addressed. Affiliate links, in a small way, help us to offset those costs without any burden or cost to the end consumer, getting you the best deals we can find.

Vape Odd with Vape Deals

All orders are paid through Google Wallet at richardxford@gmail.com Dismiss

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