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Cut The Cable With DragonBox!

I just landed one today and got it setup in about 10 minutes. I’ve used fire sticks, many Android boxes, builds for Kodi that kept going to dead links and loads of buffering. I was a bit skeptical with the Dragon Box thinking nice name but I’m not too sure about the price tag. That said, I dove right in.

You can jump to the bottom of the post to go straight to the website.


I talked with the owner and he talked about how easy it was to use for the non tech-savvy. Grabbed my box and rushed home. This thing is literally plug and play. Plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi or direct ethernet then to your TV and you’re on every channel from the US to Worldwide! Every channel at my fingertips. I didn’t stop there. I wanted to see if I could lag the box or push it too hard. I side loaded some Android games that require a good processor and ram to even attempt to run it. The Dragon Box booted my game right up. I figured, “just luck,  a new box”, so I ran 4 games at once switching between to overload it, make it over heat, anything to make it crash. I couldn’t get it to crash or lag. So I decided to go even further risking my new box. I side loaded a multi window app and ran 4k HD while playing Fallout Shelter below it. ZERO LAG! ZERO! WOW!

I went ahead and loaded mobdro for some live streaming to see if it could put out at least 780 p. The box rendered it up to 4k HD!

The best way to compare the Dragon Box is to set it next to a Nvidia Shield box, surely the Nvidia Shield is going to blow away this box because Nvidia is the top of the line $800 box, if you’re lucky. I was able to obtain the same if not better results from the Dragon Box that comes preloaded with the best Kodi build of 2017 and surely of 2018.

Need support? Support is 100% free in the Facebook group and there are over 10,000 members on to help, including the maker, owner, resellers, and app developers. With a 1 year manufacturer warranty this thing is a beast! Premium content and it is all free, you just have to buy the box. It is constantly updated, 4 updates have been pushed to the box at the time of writing this! You can also customize it easily and for those who are tech-savvy, there are a ton of options for doing whatever you want within the box, it’s not locked so you have complete freedom to play inside. Don’t worry less tech-savvy friends, unless you throw this box in the rain, you’re not going to go in and break it.

**Disclosure ** I am not being paid for this review, this is a legitimate review and I will be getting another box. They are selling fast so get with John and let him know you seen the review here and tell him you want the Dragon Box!

Mention you read the review here for a discount on the MSRP of the box, only given to reviewers. I’ll be taking advantage of that discount on my next box! Get one now!



Comes with remote however you can add an android remote/keyboard for easier game play!

Dragon Box Specifications
  • Android 5.1 Supports Google browser, Flash10.2 and HTML5.
  • All new aluminum housing and low-noise for cooling.
  • USB2.0 Host (4 Ports).
  • 1080P & 4K support Full HD Video. (DB4, DB5)
  • EMMC Storage For Internal and External Applications.
  • Music Player, Picture viewer, Game player, and more.
  • Built-in Dual Band Ac WiFi Antenna. (DB5 AC Wi-fi)
  • USB Ports For Mouse/Keyboard/2.4G QWERTY remote
  • 1.4 & AV output and component (YPbPr) outputs.
  • Skype/MSN/QQ
  • Android Video: YouTube
  • Multilingual GUI Supported
  • Ergonomically designed remote control.
  • MCU power on/off by remote control.

Website being updated at

High Quality Free Shipping Spinners!

The trend is out and they are spinning out of control. Score quality Fidget Spinners from $3 with ceramic to stainless steel bearings. Also bearing replacement and upgrades around a buck. The caps are NOT cheap plastic, a majority are metal screw in caps for longer spins and better protection.


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Limited time deal. Get great liquid for the holidays for only shipping of $1.99 which would normally be free but we have to charge due to the FDA regulations. No code needed just click the link to the sale.

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FTG e-Liquid Blowout Sale USA MADE!!!


Pricing; all free shipping, 30 ml glass bottles, water proof labels, professionally done and perfectly blended!

per bottle $22.00

4 bottles for $55.00

11 bottles for only $120.00 << best Steal!!! That’s only $10.90 per bottle!!! what???? Ordering 4 of these now……

All 30ml glass bottles.

Only avalible by calling in to order or ordering via the shops facebook for the moment for this big of a sale!!!
Sun Vapers INC
Okay so I did it, I made the splurge and well worth it. I got every single flavor FTG has to see what the hype was all about. IT IS NOT HYPE!!!! This is amazing e-liquid! So I do not normally do blog posts for e-liquid but this just had to be done, I do not want anyone to miss this! Even more I called and got the owner on the phone and told them I do a blog and I want to promote it and please hook it up with a deal for my followers to get to try it. They were a bit hesitant but I got them to break! haha I always do. So you are seeing FTG for the first time here or you already know about it and looking for a deal? Well I have you covered….

To get the pricing down for a deal, and this is a steal for this liquid and I would just opt for the 4 shot deal, but that is me and you are you, but do not miss out because this deal will not last!

Click the FTG menu above and it will take you to the owners Facebook page with their number to order! This cuts processing fees and website fees and yadda yadda who cares? Get a call in and get your order in and thank me and scream at me for introducing this line to you because you will not stop ordering it!

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Here are the deals but you must say, I seen this on Strick Nyne’s blog to get the deal or they will have no deal!

4 banger= 4 30ml bottles, your pick of any of the flavors only $55 shipped and hella quick shipping!

Per bottle I got it to $22.00 per bottle shipped, So free shipping both ways but the 4 banger is the way to go.

The super deal, the owner will do this for a limited time only! Buy all 11 flavors in one order and it is $20 per bottle and free shipping.

*****UPDATE**** order all 11 bottles this week and get them shipped free and total price is only $120.00 for all 11!!!!!!!!!

That is $10.90 a bottle, order all 11 asap!!!!

If you are a vendor, shop, distributor, re-seller etc, contact the owner, mention this blog post and Strick Nyne for special discounting to get this in your stores!

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Re-sellers, Shops, distributors call 910)815-1010 and ask for Renee Carter for the deal and mention the blog and Strick Nyne for better deals for you to carry this. I get ZERO kick backs from this, this is because I just fell in love with some amazing liquid and want to get the word out and honestly wanted to get discounted pricing so I could order more myself. So enjoy the deal and I will be getting another order in as I type this out, lol!

FTG order

Depicted above is my order of all 11 bottles, made in a certified clean room, I could not get them all in one shot lol.

Make sure to subscribe, I will have some reviews on this liquid up soon, right now I love them all. I will be giving you a better description on the flavors because they are so much more than what the menu says!
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Banner NRD

Have you tried NRd EJuice? If not why not? Now is the time to try some amazing flavors!

Darth Vapor is one of my all time favorites but as you all know I am a huge Blueberry fan and Blueberry Snob and this blueberry flavor is epic!  The description for it: The perfect ratio of freshly picked blue berries and delicate sweet cream. The ruler of all the Galaxy and most powerful around. Vape the force.

It is true to it’s name and you will not be disappointed with this flavor at all!

Vapor Saiyan

A delicious fruity blend with hints of peach and nectarine, powerful enough to turn the blackest hair gold. It’s over 9000!!!


A dark and mysterious brew with prominent notes of pomegranate. A sure fire way to disguise yourself as another, or a cat.

A muggle born production.

Where To Buy

Call Of Fruity

Get ready to suit up and 1v1 vape the most action packed juice of all. Filled with a delicious mixture of strawberries and watermelon, you’ll be sure to use this as your vape of choice while bleeding out in last stand.

This flavor is the perfect, I cannot say just one strawberry because the flavor is an amazing taste of several types of strawberries and not that fake strawberry you get with a lot of e-liquids, this is the perfect blend of strawberries and an amazing watermelon balance!


A small & cuddly, yet electrifying vape mix of classic berry crunch cereal. An exciting mixture to ensure you that size and looks, don’t always matter. A high VG mixture sure to send Team Rocket blasting off again!

This is another one that you should not be fooled by the description, this is not a basic cereal type like most out there. This is in a category of its own! There is a perfect balance again here with the berries to crunch ratio. I would suggest grabbing the biggest bottle as you will probably be upset when you blast through an entire 30ml and realize you should have gotten a bigger bottle.

This is not an affiliate post, I do not get commission from this, I wanted to share a flavor company with you that I LOVE!!!! There is nothing better than spreading the vape love around.  you do not want to miss out on any of these flavors.

My ranking based on my taste preference and everyone has a different taste preference so you may rank it differently but not by much!

My number 1 spot from them goes to… drum roll

Darth Vapor. This Blueberry is just incredible.

Number 2……

Call Of Fruity

Number 3…

Pika-Juice comes in a close tie for number 2 here. if I could put them both as number 2 I would here! They are both equally amazing and unique.

number 4…..


and last but not least

Vapor Saiyan

Peach just never was one of my favorites in vaping. I am not a peach fan, if you like peach this can quickly become your number 1 all day vape. What I do love about this is that the peach is not hard core in your face and it does not taste like a fake peach like all so many do, this tastes like it reads, a hint of peach but a fresh peach to me, the nectarine flavor balances this juice so well I cannot believe I did not think of making this before.

Here is the kicker!

We are doing some raffles at our Heroes of the Dorm watch party and there will be NRD Ejuice in the raffles. Stop by and check out the event, you can go virtually so no worries about packing up and trying to road trip. We may do a raffle online for some NRDEJUICE but what we need from you is to go give them a like on

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and like their video and subscribe to them on YouTube!

Spread the vape love! You will love me for introducing you to this amazing line of e-liquids!


Only available in certain Brick and Mortar locations at the moment but you can call in to order from the shops who carry it!

Vendor? Looking for a new line? Contact NRDEJUICE direct and get set up on a wholesale account quick! Once word gets out about how amazing these flavors are I know it will flood the market, Don’t be the last ones waiting to order, get in on it asap!

Check out their epic commercial below and Level Up vaping Nrd Ejuice!!!

Kick ass names and kick ass flavors!!!!




DIY e-juice help, discounts and quality: US

Flavor company names are clickable to land on the pages for the best flavors, PG, VG and Nicotine!!! Recipes coming soon, comment on what flavors you would like to see and we will see if we can make them and get recipes up!


If you’ve been vaping for a while chances are you’ve thought about making your own eJuice – I know I have!

Making your own eJuice can be a lot fun, cost effective, and it’s an experience that can be very rewarding when you accomplish the task of creating a great eJuice you can vape all day and share with your friends.

Doing IYourself is a lot easier than you may think – it requires a handful of simple tools, ingredients, and a bit research. There is a ton of information online to help you get started – so I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list resources and some tips to help you get started on your way to becoming a “Juice Master”!

eJuice is made of 3 simple ingredients that can be found in stores or online very easily:

You don’t have to use Nicotine, but most vapers do. Nicotine gives your eJuice throat hit, and depending on the level or strength of Nicotine you use the greater your throat hit will be, it also helps with cravings, and makes certain flavours shine brighter. The amount of Nicotine in eJuice is measured in milligrams per millilitre. For example, you might have a 30ml bottle of eJuice with 18mg of Nicotine per ml.

Most eJuice comes in the following Nicotine levels: 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, and sometimes 36mg. I prefer my eJuice around 12mg – 18mg. You’ll need to play around a bit until you get the level you like.

Tip: Most unflavoured Nicotine comes in much higher strengths than the above levels. This is because unflavoured Nicotine is meant to be diluted with VG and/or PG when mixed. It is important to note that undiluted nicotine can be extremely poisonous when absorbed through the skin and you need to take extra precautions when working with it. It is highly recommended that you use lower levels of undiluted Nicotine, around 40mg – 60mg is safe, there is no need to use 100mg Nicotine – you’re going to dilute it anyways to levels greater 36mg!

Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) are the ingredients used to dilute Nicotine when mixing eJuice. PG is a very viscous liquid and helps with throat hit, VG is thick and produces a lot of vapour. Most vapers use a 70% PG 30% Vg mix – I prefer a 50/50, it’s all about personal taste.

Flavouring is the fun part. This is all about experimentation and trial and error. You can get recipes online to help you get started but you’re going to want to play around to find the flavours that best suit your taste.

Here are few well know flavor suppliers:

It’s important to note that not all flavorings are created equally! You will need to do some experimenting here as well and try the same flavorings from different suppliers.

Tip: Not all flavorings can be used for e Juice. Some flavourings are not water soluble or contain ingredients not recommended for vaping. I came across this great great google doc on ECF that many DIY’ers have contributed to that outlines which flavouring to use from the above vendors.

Using some very basic tools and a bit of experimentation you can mix these ingredients together to create endless eJuice flavours.

What you need to mix your eJuice- the basic essentials:

  • Measuring cup or graduated cylinder
  • Small funnel
  • Pipette or eye dropper and/or syringe
  • Empty bottles
  • Latex gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Labels
  • An e-liquid calculator

You don’t need everything on this list – but it’s a good idea when you’re first starting out until you get the hang of the process – better safe than sorry. Most of these tools can be found through many e-cig vendors and eBay. However, you can also purchase DIY starter kits. I came across the best DIY Ever >>CLICKHERE<<.

Mixing it all up!

Believe it or not this is the easy part! Once you have acquired all the ingredients and tools you need to make eJuice – mixing is simple – just follow recipes and experiment a bit. A great way to get started is by using an eJuice calculator. There are a handful online and downloadable apps that help you calculate the percentage of each ingredient needed to produce a specific eJuice.

Here’s a screenshot from a popular iPhone app calledeJuice

This app allows you to enter all your starting values for your ingredients: Nicotine base, target amount of nicotine, bottle size, etc. Then it gives you the recipe: the amount of each ingredient to mix to get your desired eJuice – all eJuice calculators work pretty much the same. It’s really straight forward – all you have to do is follow the instructions. The experimentation lies with the flavourings. Once you’ve made your first bottle you can vape it – if it needs more flavourings you can add it.

Tip: Always start with lower amounts – it’s easy to add ingredients but you can’t take them away!

Here are a few more calculators to try out:

So there you have it – find your ingredients, get your tools, mix it up, shake well, and vape! I know this is a very basic outline, but it is a good starting point and I hope it helps you make a damn good eJuice:) If you have any questions go ahead and ask them in the comments or if you have any suggestions, feedback, tips, etc add them in the comments as well.


Kanger Nebox only 36.65 HERE only!


The Kanger Nebox is by far one of the best mods on the market to date! I am so in love with this I have the Tiffany Blue and the Fire Engine Red one! The black seems to leak. Use a minimum of 70vg e-liquid or higher PG e-liquid needs to be turned to a higher temp or wattage to keep from leaking.

10ml built in, plastic tank

Comes with 2 coils and rta-rda deck!!!!

Japanese cotton and wire! and extras!

Holds 1 18650 battery, no included!

USE CODE “yeahbaby”

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